PayPal payments are accepted.
PayPal is very easy and secure option.


You can use your credit card to make a payment.
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Didcover credit cards are accepted.

Your online paymen is secured by stripe

What is Stripe?
Stripe is a payment services provider that lets merchants accept credit and debit cards or other payments.
Stripe payments are best suited for businesses that make most of their sales online,
as most of its unique features are primarily geared toward online sales.

Are Stripe payments safe?
Stripe has been audited and certified as a PCI compliance Level 1 service provider,
which means it has to undergo an annual compliance report and routine security scans and tests.
Stripe encrypts all customers’ credit card numbers and stores decryption information separately,
which means Stripe can’t see credit card numbers without taking extra steps.
Also, Stripe mandates that all online transactions take place over the more secure HTTPS network.


Cash on delivery is an option where you can pay when the product arrives.
Cash on delivery option is availible for some EU countries.

List of counties with Cash on Delivery option :
– Romania – 1 working day
– Greece – 2 working days
– Hungary – 2 working days
– Poland – 4 working days
– Czech Republic – 4 working days
– Slovakia – 4 working days
– Slovenia – 5 working days
– Croatia – 5 working days


Bank transfer is another payment option.
The product will be prepared and sent after confirmation by the bank that the bank transfer has been complete.